Gyros Burgers

gyros burgers

Gyros Burgers

Directions · Step 1. Preheat an outdoor grill for medium-high heat, and lightly oil grate. · Step 2. In large bowl, combine ground beef, ground lamb, onion, garlic and ...

gyros burgers recipe photos

Gyros Burgers Recipe Photos

Home · Recipes · World Cuisine · European · Greek. Gyros Burgers Photos. Back to recipe. Add a photo. Cat Lady Cyndi. ADVERTISEMENT. Carrie Ann ...

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Gyros Burgers - Printer Friendly

"This is a Greek/American lamb and beef mixture version of the traditional Greek pork or lamb Gyros (or Gyro). Serve on warm pita bread with tzatziki sauce, and ...

grilled gyro burgers recipe

Grilled Gyro Burgers Recipe

These should be called "Yogurt-Ranch Burgers " since they have little to do with actual gyros. If you want to make a burger that will be like a gyro use ground ...

american gyros recipe

American Gyros Recipe

Chef John's gyro filling is made with ground lamb, ground beef, and lots of spices . When it's ... American Gyros. Rating: ... Feta Cheese Turkey Burgers. Rating: ...

gyros burgers review by greta

Gyros Burgers - Review by greta

Very, very good. The spice combination is spectacular. I put the mixture into my food processor to get a firmer texture. I then shaped into a very thin loaf and ...

gyros burgers photos

Gyros Burgers Photos

Back to Gyros Burgers recipe · Loves2Cook. Gyros Burgers by Loves2Cook. Gyros Burgers. Gyros Burgers. back next. Done editing Cancel. Share Photo:.

gyros burgers review by chris spahr

Gyros Burgers - Review by Chris Spahr

Gyros Burgers. Chris Spahr. 891. 281. 26. March 20, 2006. Very, very good. Meat tasted just like traditional gyro meat, it just didn't look like it. Will definitely make ...

gyros burgers video

Gyros Burgers Video

In this video, you'll see how to make gyros burgers. It's Greece meets the American diner with this simple, flavorful burger recipe. The meat patties are a mixture ...

cyprus gyro burger recipe

Cyprus Gyro Burger Recipe

These savory beef burgers are seasoned with sumac and Urfa biber, which are spices available in Middle Eastern markets or online, and ... Cyprus Gyro Burger.