Homemade Granola Recipe

homemade granola recipe

Homemade Granola Recipe

Ingredients · 5 cups old-fashioned oats · 1 cup brown sugar · 1 cup flaked coconut · 1 cup wheat germ · 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon · 1 teaspoon ground nutmeg · ½ ...

grandmas homemade granola recipe

Grandma's Homemade Granola Recipe

Combine vegetable oil, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla extract, and salt in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir gently until it begins to ...

homemade granola cereal recipe

Homemade Granola Cereal Recipe

This is a great homemade granola recipe that is easy to prepare and delicious to eat!

megans granola

Megan's Granola

This homemade granola recipe uses oats, nuts, and dried fruit to create a tasty family-friendly breakfast cereal.

honey nut granola recipe

Honey Nut Granola Recipe

It's easy to make your own delicious granola! Mix together your ... Honey Nut Granola. Rating: 4.71 stars ... Grandma's Homemade Granola. Rating: 4.75 stars. 3.

granola recipes

Granola Recipes

This sweet, crunchy homemade granola combines quick oats with peanuts, wheat germ, honey, brown sugar, and vanilla. Baked in the oven, it's easy to make.

chef johns granola

Chef John's Granola

Maple-flavored granola with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit makes a great snack or ... late-summer fruit than a parfait with yogurt and crunchy, homemade granola.

healthy snacks granola

Healthy Snacks: Granola

Mar 17, 2015 ... Storing granola in a jar | Photo by Reem.M. Related: This Easy Formula for Homemade Granola is Customizable and Saves You Money ...

grandma dalleys honey granola recipe

Grandma Dalley's Honey Granola Recipe

Homemade honey granola sprinkled with almonds and golden raisins just like grandma used to make is a quick and easy breakfast treat.

pumpkin seed granola recipe

Pumpkin Seed Granola Recipe

This not-too-sweet pumpkin seed granola is sugarless, sweetened only with sugar-free, maple-flavored syrup. A great ... Grandma's Homemade Granola.